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We provide repair as well as installation

We provide siding installation and repair, crown molding, deck repair, pressure washing, staining and/or painting services. 

We provide repairs to doors, latch/lock installations, painting, weather strip repair and whatever else. 

Our typical window repair includes fixing the seal, and/or opening mechanism(s). We also offer more extensive work, like frame painting/repair.

(Your total project price will depend on which parts are broken, how extensive the damage is, and the type of window you have). 

We provide cabinet painting or staining, refacing or refinishing. Small repairs like handle installation. Let us know what you need.

We don't provide this service but here's some preparation tips:

  • Be thorough & detailed in describing your needs to your contractor.

  • Make sure the electrical panel box is accessible. 

  • Clear away fragile items.

  • Be prepared to possibly lose power to parts of your home.

Residential Interior &                            Exterior services.    No job is too small!

We provide floor installation services for virtually any type of floor material, from wood, to tile, to linoleum and more.

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